Will there be relief on the Harnham Gyratory?

Harnham Gyratory

Although welcome news, £15m of government money for “A338 improvements”, will offer no relief to Harnham residents, who are fuming.

Netherhampton/ Harnham Rds cannot be widened, so no comfort for us residents, just more traffic. New Bridge Rd at four lanes, is already at capacity. Any new third lane on the Gyratory will just bottle-neck into the current two and Exeter St roundabout being made a signalised T-junction, offers Harnham no relief. Neither does widening the Downton Rd left turn off New Bridge Rd. But the MP and Wiltshire council say these works will ease traffic through Harnham. This is sheer crackers and a total lack of local knowledge and understanding.

Survey respondents are demanding action on Salisbury traffic issues now, before we grind to a halt. But this is a govt and MP decision; a decision we are sadly lacking.


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