Greg Condliffe

Greg Condliffe

Name: Greg Condliffe

Division: Harnham East


Greg trained at Art College and Nottingham University in the department of Architecture & Planning. He worked for the new town of Corby on radical housing layouts before coming to Salisbury in 1974 at the formation of the then new District Council. He was instrumental in saving what is now the free church in East Harnham.

Elected as County Councillor for Harnham in 1985, he became the Chairman of Property, driving the modernisation of small schools - something he continued to do when he set up his Salisbury practice. Evidence of his time at County Hall is still there; the town path lights, and a safer crossing from East to West Harnham - which is not in need of upgrading.

With his background, Harnham Neighbourhood Association (HNA) has made him Vice Chairman with a remit on planning matters - and it is no surprise he was invited to attend the hearing into Wiltshire’s housing land enquiry, focussing on education impacts and unproved highway and pedestrian infrastructure matters.

More recently, Greg has signed up to help those in difficulty, taking a lead for HNA to draw together volunteers to help those affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Greg is committed to ongoing efforts to help the vulnerable.

Greg has family in China, and as a result of representing Sino-British families at Portcullis House concerning aggressive Home Office rules he was astonished to be asked by New Valley News to write a column about life in China during COvid-19.

Greg believes that the decisions Wiltshire has made recently will need to be closely scrutinised post-Covid - especially to think in an imaginative way how to tackle the undoubted problems certain to arise. He believes public involvement has to be improved.